Carrie Galyardt

Carrie Galyardt

M.S., PCDM, Mediator, Psychotherapist, LLC 

About Me

I specialize in family and divorce mediation, workplace mediation, court  ordered parent coordination and decision making, as well as individual,  family and couples therapy.   

I graduated from the University Of Nebraska- Lincoln with a Masters of  Science in Counseling in 1999 and am a Registered Psychotherapist in the  state of  Colorado.  I am a member of the American Counseling  Association and a member of The Mediation Association of Colorado. I am  actively involved as a senior Mediator for the City of Fort Collins and  the municipal court. I am also a member, in good standing, with The  Colorado Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, COAFCC.



I believe that mediation is the best way to resolve family conflict, especially in matters involving divorcing couples faced with the challenge of child custody arrangements and parenting plans. Mediation is a process in which parties in conflict generate their own resolution under the impartial guidance of a professional mediator; the process  rests on the premise that by sharing one's needs and concerns with the  other party, a mutual understanding will be the result. By building  respect and trust, mediation helps resolve current conflicts and  prevents future ones.  Mediation is a fraction of the price that is  incurred by using attorneys and proves to have a more desirable outcome  for all parties. 

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation offers important benefits to employers and employees alike.

It  provides fast, creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions. When a  dispute is mediated shortly after it arises, the chances of optimal  resolution are much greater: the parties' differences have not had a  chance to fester, the situation is generally more  fluid, and the  parties have more resolution options available to them. Mediated  resolutions  work better and last longer than authoritatively imposed  resolutions because everyone involved buys into them. Moreover,  mediation fosters mutual respect through improved communication. 

Mediation can mend and preserve frayed working relationships, even when the parties are extremely angry. 


 I offer solution focused therapy and enjoy working with diverse client  populations. I see therapy as a relationship in which we work together  to help you to access your inner resources and resilience. My job as a  therapist is to guide you all the way through the joys or difficulties you face. I work with each client to determine goals and to create a customized treatment plan to meet the specific needs of the individual. 

 -I am happy to offer free consultations and a sliding fee scale. 

PC/DM Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker

My goal as a PC/DM is to keep parenting disputes out of court and  to give parents more control over parenting decisions regarding their  children. In high conflict cases, the court may order the appointment of  a Parenting Coordinator or Decision Maker.  It is my job to facilitate communication, provide advice, and to assist parents to interpret the existing court orders.  Decision  Makers are appointed by the court only upon the agreement of the  parents.  Unlike Parenting Coordinators, Decision Makers interpret the  existing parenting plan and are authorized to make binding decisions,  which are filed in writing with the court. The benefit of having a  Decision Maker is that parents can quickly resolve parenting conflicts  without hiring an attorney or going to court. Decisions are often made  verbally and later filed with the court in writing.   An appointment of a  PC/DM is usually two years. 

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